Friday, May 4, 2012

Ecofest 2012 Prizes!

EcoSphere - Large Pod
The Ecosphere

Congratulations to all our Ecofest Challenge participants! We have winners! Points have been tallied and lots drawn for who wins which our cool prizes. Special congratulations to aliases Greenman, Greenlife2 and Sunshine for blasting through the 500 point barrier and to dchud, Cupcake and AK for handily racking up more than 200 points -- well done!

If you’re one of the lucky prizewinners below, stop by CAS 119 during business hours to pick up your prize:
Stephan Foiani            Ecosphere (pictured above)
Michelle Kwock          $65 gift cert. to Catalyst restaurant in Cambridge (serves local food)
Gabrielle Sims             Endangered Species Print Project -- Golden crowned sifaka
Molly Kelly                 Endangered Species Print Project -- Whooping Crane
Athirah Kamarudin     Endangered Species Print Project --  Guam Micronesian Kingfisher
Danielle Chudolij        Planet Earth DVDs (complete set)
Natallya Pereira           Planet Earth DVDs (complete set)
Erin Jansen                  $25 gift cert. to Peace o’ Pie restaurant in Allston
Megan McCauley        Extinct species print by Joanna Barnum – Ibix
Eugenia Rozenzaft      Extinct species print by Joanna Barnum – Falkland Islands Wolf
Rachel Atcheson         Extinct species print by Joanna Barnum – Dusky Seaside Sparrow
Christina Teng             Extinct species print by Joanna Barnum – Golden Toad
Devon King                $25 gift cert to Veggie Planet

Congratulations to all our prize winners and to all our participants. Stay tuned for our survey for how we can make Ecofest bigger and better for next year! 

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