Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Alberta Oil Sands in Pictures

The Alberta oil sands are spread across more than 54,000 square miles but we're taking a look at just a small part of that — the red line is an approximate outline of the entire deposit — the green is where we'll be flying

Here's a great photo-essay from Business Insider from a fly-over of the Alberta tar sands region north of Fort McMurray, in northern Alberta. The pictures show the staggering scale of the project and why it's hasn't been profitable to develop it until the price of oil was high enough. This and the various offshore platforms make it pretty clear that the easy oil is gone and there's only going to be more environmental destruction as we pursue the more difficult-to-reach oil.

I'm all for developing alternative renewable energies, but why is it not cool to talk about reducing our energy demands?

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