Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Mini Eco-Film Festival, Part 4

Welcome to our 4th Mini Eco-Film Festival!
Our first film is from the Irish group, RealEyes, which is part of a global network of sustainability experts and business leaders affiliated with The Natural Step International, which operates in 12 countries.
Earth Day is this week and for our second film we have this great summary of environmental and Earth Day milestones over the last 40 years produced by Mother Nature Network. What new achievements will we make for 2011?
Our main feature today, which falls under Planet Management 101, is a Ted talk by the WWF’s Jason Clay talking about his work to convert big brand companies into using more sustainable practices. It’s worth your 20 minutes. It’s followed by a cool three and a half minute animated short, Good Vibrations, produced by Liberty Mutual, which looks at community responsibility and the costs of complacency.
Thanks for watching. Feel free to comment and share with your friends. Everywhere.

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