Saturday, March 19, 2011

A mini Eco-Film Festival

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Here's a brief eco-film festival to get you through the weekend.

First up are some flash animations created by Jimmy Egeland
with a terrific series called Eco-bunnies. So far, there are just
three episodes: Eco-bunnies1, The Eco-bunnies in Earth Day
and The Eco-bunnies in Hare Do's and Don'ts. I love
the idea of a visible carbon footprint -- I wonder how that would
change our actions. Watch and share, this guy definitely needs
more exposure.

Second up is this nice little short by Andrea Dorfman: Thoughts
on my Bike. As an urban cyclist, I share the sentiment
of trying to figure out what's wrong with our cities and our
lifestyles as I'm riding about.

And the main feature, as it were, is this fine episode of Extinction
Sucks, featuring the dynamic duo of Ashley and Aleisha. Here they
venture off to Nepal and Chitwan National Park to do their part
to protect the Indian Rhino from poachers. Not only do we first
worlders have to reduce our consumption, the show makes the point
reducing global poverty is a key to protecting biodiversity.
I've only watched the one episode so far, but based on that,
I think Extinction Sucks is radical and imaginative. Let's hope
they can inspire some radical and imaginative conservation ideas
among the rest of us.

As always, comments welcome.

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