Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Mini Eco-Film Festival, Part 3

What can one person do to improve the health of our environment? Here are three films that look at how individuals can have a positive impact on our environment.
1. Change the Message
First up is this short but powerful film that can be applied to branding environmentalism. Maybe you’ve got a better way to spread the environmental message than the one we’ve been using or you’ve been hearing elsewhere in the media.
You may have seen this video from the IUCN on changing the message regarding biodiversity.
Perhaps you can think of a message that will get us all to listen.

2. Educate Yourself, Educate Others
If you don’t know Annie Leonard’s work, here’s a great place to start: The Story of Bottled Water. With abundant wit and a creative presentation, Leonard is educating all of us in a way that makes us want to act. Check out other films from The Story of Stuff Project and help spread the word.

3. Plant some trees
This classic animated film needs to be in your repertoire. Based on the short story by Jean Giorno and directed by French-Canadian filmmaker Frederic Back in 1987, The Man Who Planted Trees is a moving, well-told story that can be watched again and again. Enjoy.

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