Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brazilian Conserve Water Ad Campaign

A little creativity goes a long way... though I doubt we'll see this anytime soon in North America.

Watch this ad for Brazil's Save Water campaign once...

then watch it again with the translation below:
To sum it up: If you pee, you're invited.
(when you flush you waste up to 12 liters of drinkable water / 4380 liters in one year)
Pee in the bath! Help the Atlantic Forest.
Pee in the shower! We want everyone to do it!
Men! Women! Children! Brazilians! Or not! Nobles! Commoners! Musicians! Sports stars! People half-human, half-monster. Twilight creatures! Brazilian legends! Greek legends! Good people! Not so good people! Art geniuses! Science geniuses! Circus performers! Lovers! People from other planets! Movie stars!

In case you're wondering, urine is 75% water and sterile, so go ahead, and call it
conservation by urination.


  1. Haha! But still it is considered your waste. We need to all do our part to conserve water. This is to lessen the load for wastewater treatment plants.

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