Monday, April 19, 2010

Ecolympics Day 3

It's already Day 3 -- I can see the week is going to fly by!

Yesterday I took my re-usable bags to the grocery store.
By the way, have you seen our resources for this event?
Tim Minchin
does a bang-up job in getting the word out!

I got some organic carrots, potatoes and apples, but
the organic broccoli was looking kind of sad so I gave
that a pass. Last week I'd already bought some organic
chicken strips, so I was okay in the meat department.
In the past, I'd cook two for a meal, but because I'm
cutting my meat in half this week (for Meat-Less),
last night I just fried up one. I started cutting my
meat in half about 2 months ago and I have to
say that it's much easier than taking a short shower!
I have the exact same meals that I usually cook,
but with half my usual meat; i.e. I haven't had to
double up on rice or veggies. This has been a surprise
to me as I thought I needed a "full serving" of meat
to feel full.

I still love meat, but I can now see that having some
meals completely meat free is going to be easier than
I thought.

I also signed up for Veggie-mania but beyond the
organics I mentioned, I didn't buy anything I hadn't
bought before, so I'll have to find something on
my next trip.

I guess there's some small race today called
the Boston Marathon. Do any of your events feel
like a marathon? I'd be curious to know!

We're about full for our veggie cooking demo
this afternoon, so I'll see some of you there,
then tonight we're having our screening of
a few episodes of Planet Earth -- with
vegetarian pizza. Hope to see you there!


ps. the baobab above is by Rachel Sussman,
who has a terrific album of the world's oldest
living things -- some awesome, hardy
biodiversity here, check it out!

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