Saturday, August 18, 2012

What is Shark Finning?

You may have heard that it's shark week on one of the networks. You may have also heard that one of our inhumane practices is shark finning, where sharks are caught and their fins are sliced off for shark fin soup -- the rest of the shark is discarded. Because sharks are apex predators, overfishing of sharks has a destructive effect on ocean ecosystems. They are also evolutionary survivors, dating back 200 million years into the geological records. In fact, in the 17th century, when Nicolas Steno dissected a shark's head he found that its teeth resembled the triangular-shaped "tongue stones" commonly found embedded in rocks, thus opening the door to the interpretation of these "tongue stones" as the fossilized remains of once-living creatures.

Here's what shark finning is all about thanks to Earth Hour's helpful infographic on Pinterest. Read to the end to see how high shark fins are in mercury. Ready to start calling restaurants in your area and ask them to stop serving shark fin soup? You can find a list at (Want a bigger version than below? Clicking all the way through will bring you here, which is large and legible).

what is shark finning

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  1. i am a 13 year old girl. i am actully very interested in sharks, and has been since i was 8. i think this type of violence to the sharks, is absulutly terrrible. i am going to be a marine biologist when i grow up and i am going to specialize iin sharks. but i caint if when im older there are not any sharks to specialize in. i live in arkansas, there are o restraunts that i have heard of that serve fin soup, so i caint really protest, but i want to find a way to help. i feel so terrible that i am not doing anything while these poor helpless creatures are being tortured. it makes me very very frustrated. please email me at if you know anyway possible that i can help