Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo albums: plastic, trees and wildlife

rio plus 20, plastic pollution, ocean

What was everyone talking about at Rio this week? Work to do, work to do, no doubt, but with a lack of heavyweights there, there was talk, but what about action...? Yet to be determined. Good to see the artists getting in on the act and giving everyone something to talk about. Many more pictures of this great plastic bottle fish sculpture are here and here. But I first saw someone share the above photo from Cool Hunter on Facebook, who has an excellent exhibit on modern eco tree houses. Nice to see trees getting such respect.
Lots of other cool stuff on Cool Hunter's site.

I can't resist this other photo album from the Guardian's Week in Wildlife Pictures. These species only exist on Earth and nowhere else. Pretty incredible...

birds, flycatcher, biodiversity
Korean paradise flycatcher

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