Thursday, January 12, 2012

Most Endangered Species 2012

The WWF (that's World Wildlife Fund, not World Wrestling Federation) has posted their most endangered species for this year and you can see that the causes are the usual culprits of habitat destruction, overfishing, bycatch, entanglement and so on. I looked for last year's list and found one from 2010 and you can see lots of similarities. When I found this I wondered why some species were dropped and some species were added. Over at Paul Guernsey's excellent All About Wildlife site, he explains how subjective the lists are as it's not just about the number of remaining individuals, but also available habitat and public awareness as well as perceived threats that factor in. In the end, it's probably a bit like choosing your ten favorite movies -- the list changes depending on your mood. The alarming thing here is that these ten are chosen out of hundreds, if not thousands, of equally vulnerable species. Well, naming the problem is the start to solving it...

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